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We Concern, We Care & We Want You To Understand Us More.

As you may know, fish normally carry a variety of pathogenic bacteria, fungi and parasites. If fish are healthy, well fed and have proper water conditions, their immune system is able to fight off these ever-present disease organisms.

Newly arrived tropical fish are under stress, due to the handling process during packaging and to the possible degradation of water quality in the shipping bag. When fish arrive at destination, their immune system is already affected and fish become more sensitive to the development of the diseases they may carry in their tissues.

Because additional stress would affect furthermore the immune system of the fish, we recommend to follows these steps during the opening of the box:

1) A few days before the new fish arrive, prepare the aquarium tanks by filling them with the quality of water required for each species.

2) When receiving the boxes, do not drop or toss them. Stack them up gently upon arrival.

3) Remove the cover of the boxes in soft lighting, then let the fish adapt again to day light for a period of 15 minutes before removing the bags from the boxes.

4) After opening bag, pour the bag of fish into a pail.
a) If water is milky or dirty or having a smell of ammonia then add few spoon of charcoal into the water to try to absorb the ammonia as quickly as possible.
b) Measure the PH (exclusively the PH) of the water in which the fish just arrived and IF the PH of the water of your holding tank is the same (+ or – 0.5PH) , then add a small constant flow of holding tank water into the pail to acclimatize the fish to the new water.
c) Measure the PH or if the PH of the water newly arrive is much lower (almost 100% of the case) than the PH of your holding tank, adding a small constant flow of the holding tank water into the pail will produce a very fast development of ammonium into the pail.

The ammonium will damage the gills of the fish very badly and there is a lot of chance for the small fish like tetra to die directly into your pail or to die into your holding tank in only one-week time. To prevent the development of ammonium just add the same quantity of water of your holding tank in once (as long as the temperature is the same). 1.5 liters to 2 liters at once is recommended. Repeat this operation after 20 to 30 min, second time before putting the fish into your holding tank.30 min later.

5) Add disinfectant to old packaging water before discharging it and accordingly to the regulation in your country. To improve the survival of fish and minimize losses, we recommend systematic preventive medication to help fish reduce their stress. For example, adding aquarium salt in the water helps reducing stress because it aids the osmoregulation, the exchange of oxygen, carbon dioxide and ammonia across the gill membrane.

We thank you very much for your kind attention and for allowing AQUASIA the opportunity to quote and we certainly hope to have the pleasure of handling your shipment. Assuring our best services always.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information.

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